Working at ISD


We are currently looking to recruit, Principal Head of School

Main Areas of Responsibility:


1. Contribute to the strategy development of the school and work with the Board of Directors, Leadership Team, School staff and community to develop a strategic plan for the School’s future.

2. Put the policies and procedures required in place by working with the community, faculty, staff and students, and provide the direction necessary for the vision and objectives to be translated into practice in the school.

3. Provide international education vision and direction by identifying and promoting best practice across teaching and learning in the School.

4. Use data and the bench marking of every child’s learning to drive instruction strategies and curriculum development, incorporating new technologies into teaching and learning.

5. Establish a detailed programme for faculty and staff professional development, to help, lead and direct the teachers to continuously improve their performance and achieve academic excellence.

6. Lead and drive Leadership Team meetings.


7. Take the lead on the development of the curriculum, ensuring that the process is on-going and inclusive of the concepts of assessment, learning styles and differentiation, so that the curriculum that the School offers is both international and future focused, informs, inspires, challenges and develops every child and meets the inspection, accreditation and evaluation processes of the IBO.

Organisation & Staff Management

8. Plan, allocate clear individual accountabilities, communicate, support and evaluate the work undertaken by groups, teams and individuals, ensuring the clear delegation of tasks across teachers and other staff so that changes and improvements in the School are delivered to time and quality.

9. Ensure high standards and continued educational developments by monitoring data and performance and working with the Board and other senior colleagues to ensure good teaching practice, innovation and improvement.

Improve School Facilities

10. Develop and maintain the School’s facilities, working closely with the Facilities company, to ensure the school is safe and offers the best possible environment for students and staff.


11. Develop a structure for building a School budget based on needs and maintain control of agreed financial budgets to ensure financial plans are met. Drive the programme to increase the numbers of students attending the school to include local and international children.

Student well-being

12. Take an active interest in the daily life of all students, ensuring discipline and high standards of behaviour and attendance in the School and motivating the students to achieve high standards of academic excellence.

13. Monitor and review the range of range of academic, career and social/ emotional guidance services for students to ensure best practice is adopted, children’s and young people’s welfare is safe-guarded and high standards are maintained.

14. Maintain an extensive co-curricular programme, including a large variety of activities and sporting opportunities for students, to enhance the breadth of opportunities that the School offers Creating a high profile for the School externally and with parents

15. Promote the school in the local community and more broadly across Ireland, Europe, USA and on the international stage so that student places are filled with suitably qualified children each year. 16. Develop and maintain positive relationships with parents and the wider community to ensure that they support the School’ direction and understand the School’s ethos and approach.


• Significant experience of Academic Leadership, strategic leadership and management in schools and substantial experience in an international context with a proven ability to promote international mindedness in staff and students.

• Passionate about education and people development – a commitment to delivering an outstanding holistic education to all students.

• Ability to inspire and unite students, staff and parents through being an involved and visible presence on campus.

• Collaborative leadership style.

• Strong people management and professional development competencies.

• Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

• Analytical and Problem solving skills.

• Understanding of school enrolment strategies and the relationship with an organisational business model.

• Experience of managing school budgets and financial management.

• Ability to deal with constant change.

• Proven commitment to safeguarding of children and staff.

• Some experience of working in an organisation of schools.

• Up-to-date knowledge of IBO.

• Good understanding of Irish national education policies, legislation and compliance


 School Admin team for the day to day running of the School and its development

 Board, staff, students, and parents

 Other Heads and senior leaders in IBO networks and like minded school networks withing Ireland

 Other Schools within and outside IBO to contribute to the development of the education system and to create a network of contacts in local, private and international schools


The International School of Dublin is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and as an employee of *The International School of Dublin*you are expected to share this commitment. The protection of our students’ welfare is the responsibility of all staff and individuals are expected to conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles, rules and values of our organisation.

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