Life at ISD

School day: The school day begins at 8:45 am and finishes at 2:45 pm. There is a 25-minutes morning break for children to eat a snack and play outdoors. There is also a 60-minutes afternoon break for children to eat lunch and play outdoors.

School Uniform: There is no school uniform at ISD. However, we do encourage children to wear sensible clothing, given the nature of the school day (e.g. working with paint) and weather.

Assemblies: Assemblies are held every Friday. The school gathers together to share learning experiences of the week. Parents are welcome to join.

Field Trips/Guest Speakers: At ISD we believe that students greatly benefit from learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Where possible, we ensure that the students make local and relevant connections with their Units of Inquiry in and around our community.

After Schools Programme: ISD offers a variety of after school activities across the year. Each session of activities lasts for half of a term, activies are determined based on student and parent interest. Dependent on the activity, students may attend the after school programme Monday-Friday, 3:00-5:00pm.

School Clubs and Organisations: We encourage students to engage in leadership opportunities we have a student council, librarian committee, and yearbook committee that students may join.

Parent Involvement: ISD has a parent organisation that plays a very important role in helping to create a climate where everyone feels welcome. The parent organisation works closely with the Head of School and teachers to discover ways to improve ISD.

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