Life at ISD

School day: The school day begins at 8.45 am and ends at 2.55 pm.

School Snack and Lunch: There is a 25-minute break in the morning when the children can eat a snack which they bring with them. The children eat lunch together in the canteen. We have the facility to heat meals that the children bring with them.

ISD follows a healthy eating policy, therefore we ask that children do not bring sweetened carbonated drinks, chocolate, crisps or sweets to school. As part of the daily curriculum the children learn about being balanced in their eating habits and making healthy choices.

School Uniform: There is no school uniform at ISD. However, we do encourage that children wear sensible clothing, given the nature of the school day in which they will be working with paint, clay, etc. The school does have a track suit (for sports), a hoodie and a rain jacket available for purchase from the school office.

Assemblies: These are held every Friday. All the classes share something they have been thinking and learning about during their Unit of Inquiry that week.


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