Learning at ISD

We feel that one of the fundemental goals of education is to encourage a love of learning and for children to think for themselves. The programme of inquiry at ISD is specifically designed to meet these goals. Rather than provide children with a set of facts that they need to learn, students are encouraged to generate non-trivial questions and develop enduring skills to answer them.

IMG_1659-1Children are active inquirers by nature and encouraging them to ask questions and directing that inquiry is a central part of motivating and inspiring their learning.

Not only are the students at ISD able to acquire new skills in an atmosphere of intellectual exploration, but experience has shown us that knowledge is far more likely to be retained when it has been generated in this way.

During any day you will find pupils making connections between what they already know and new information. Many of the lessons combine maths, language and other subjects to demonstrate the natural links we make with them on a daily basis.

Students experience ‘hands-on’ activities to deepen their understanding of new material and are encouraged to share their new-found knowledge.

IMG_2103Every six weeks parents are encouraged to come to school and share the learning with their children. At this assembly you may find children presenting a play, sharing multimedia presentations they have made or reading books they have created and published themselves.

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