Who We Are


Our vision is to operate a school providing the full International Baccalaureate programme that is the first choice for globally mobile families living in Dublin and for Irish families with an international outlook. Over time, we will establish additional schools to meet the needs for international education in other economic centres in Ireland.


Our mission is to provide education that will enable students to realise their potential and to make a difference in a globalised world. Our education is designed around the needs of internationally mobile and local families who seek an enriching, globally minded learning environment. We provide access to our high quality IB programme so that executives relocating to Ireland can do so without anxiety about their children’s education.


We believe in the values inherent in the IB Learner Profile. We aim to be inquirers, to be knowledgeable, to be thinkers, to be communicators, to be principled, to be open-minded, to be caring, to be courageous, to be balanced and to be reflective. We demonstrate these characteristics in our interactions with staff, students, parents and the wider community.


  • The school atmosphere fosters the allegiance of its students to their cultural heritage and promotes respect and tolerance between students and teachers of all cultures.
  • ISD encourages its students to consider themselves global citizens and to reflect on how their actions can influence people both where they live and around the world.
  • The school aims to provide excellent international education through the promotion of high academic standards, international understanding and full parental involvement.

Board of Directors

ISD is governed by the City of Dublin International Primary School Limited (Irish Registration Number 514210; Registered Charity Number CHY20399, Tax ID Company No. 09837952F), an independent, private company with charitable status.  The school is self-financing and receives no government funding. Individual and corporate contributions are welcome and are tax-deductible under certain conditions; please consult a tax specialist and Irish Revenue for the latest regulations.


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